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Are you contacting us about an order you placed with Super Magpie, Big Magpie or Sweet Pad for a playpen, electronic drum set, swimming pool or any other item that is not a tee shirt?
That is not us!
Supermaggie is a Texas based tee shirt company and we do not sell playpens, electronic drum sets or other similar items. You can see what we sell by clicking around on our website at www.supermaggie.com. We have been in business for almost 20 years and have an excellent reputation as a tee shirt company.

Those people with questions about playpens and other such items have been getting our website mixed up with www.supermagpie.com - Magpie, like the bird rather than Maggie, the nickname for Margaret.

You may have seen the www.supermagpie.com website address on an order receipt and googled it for contact information. Some search engines like Google and Bing put our website at the top when searching for Super Magpie.

Other names, websites and emails associated with these orders are Super Magpie, Big Magpie, Sweet-pad, www.sweet-pad.com and contact@newmagpie.com.
We are not affiliated with any of these entities in any way.

If you open the www.supermagpie.com website you can see that it is written in Chinese. Orders placed with them, either on their website or in their social media channels, might be shipping from China and may have long shipping delays, especially considering the state of the world right now.

If you paid for your order using PayPal we suggest that you contact PayPal with questions and requests for refunds. Other people that have contacted us with these concerns have had success getting resolution through PayPal.

Thank you. We are sorry for your order trouble and wish you luck resolving it. Now, if you need a really cool tee shirt then we can help you out!

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